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Dionysus by elftantra
Oil on Canvas, 40 cm x 30 cm (approx. 16" x 12"), 2015

An anthropomorphic entity sets within grape leaves and rose buds. It exists between the realms of terrestrial and alien, flora and fauna, fruitfulness and decay. Its "heart" appears as a dark orifice reminiscent of a bony nasal septum, but fleshed over, blushed Merlot red with tissue--appearing almost reproductive. The entity holds at its base another iteration of that same shape, but not as an orifice or void--more akin to polished, mounted stone. Symbolically this creates a dualism along the vertical line of the body. The head of this creature blends visual properties: sperm-like translucent orange seeds, dendritic pith, and citrus flesh. It summarily results in a radial mandala characteristic of various enlightenment traditions--enhanced by its own independent illumination. Its "brain" exists as the fruit of the body. Weaving through grape leaves and taking on the quality of plant tendrils, this Dionysus holds two long cylinders. The objects are distilled representations of the color palette of the painting itself, while also being reminiscent of the color striping of 80's boys' and men's white socks. As compositional tools, they contrast against the dense organic nature of the foreground and build a bridge into the background, where we notice sand and a falling beach fence flowing into the distance.

Here, Dionysus is framed by fruitfulness despite some morbidity and darkness. He sets within an ambrosia nearing the edge of fermentation--the chrysalis for wine.

Scion of a Budgie-Sattva by elftantra
Scion of a Budgie-Sattva
Oil on Canvas, 24" x 36", 2015

A young figure caught in a moment of distraction, aware only ephemerally of his unconscious being, as it engages in psychological and psychedelic layer spaces. His right arm casually cradles a moray eel; the figure is comfortable but not truly aware of the potentials for danger in such negligence. His shirt reads "Bello" in Pokemon style font, harkening back to a childhood straddling the millennial threshold. To his right side, out of the unconscious deep, shrouded alien heads propagate as a fractal totem, each new iteration a more sophisticated rendering of emotional masking over the cold mystery of the greys.

As the scion of the Budgie-Sattva, the young man, in his distraction, is also simultaneously aware of higher levels of self discovery. To his left a psychological topology sets beneath the oracle side of an 8 ball ,hovering; its message a purest concept of acceptance. The "Scion" lettering is in 80's HeMan style bold declaration.

The lower right side of the painting is like a hybrid of melon, feathers, seeds--fruitful and inheriting of the Budgie-Sattva. The crystals in the background bring light; conducted, refracted, reflected, and dispersed, to balance the dark shadow of the figure's physical body. The aura of the scion succeeds in layers to point, with a finger, and the crown chakra, toward a center of a mandala existing as nigh pure application of paint, in essence painterly abstraction, but also revealing hints of the Aura of migraine, and the bi-hemispherical nature of the brain--noting concerns of the possibility of inherited mental disease. Yet the flourish of chakra as it sets against that center is robust, active, coherent, and reveling against all fear.

Fundamentally, the piece speaks to the activation of one's potential to begin to "Know Thyself", and find greater awareness out of the enigmas of the mind--as an inculcated seed given to the rich soil of one's own birthright.

"Fuku-Shiva", Oil on Canvas, 20" x 24" by Cody Seekins

Available on my website store at:

About the work:

The term "Fuku" refers to fortune or good luck. "Shiva" refers to the Hindu deity who represents strongly polar qualities, both severe and delicate. On a beach inspired by adventures on Phi Phi island in Thailand, three youths cavort. Two are representational figures and the third is psychologically rendered. A dynamic relationship ensues between the triad; a reciprocity of active and passive states. The boy on the right engages in maneuvers of evasion, defense, and is dressed in a speedo which reiterates the colors and symbolism of the caution tape on the left and upper right frame of the composition. In concurrent reaction the psychedelic figure shoots out a rocket powered paper airplane. The nude boy seated in the froth and sand approaches in passive repose, and is met with active attention but equal physical reserve by the psychedelic being. Perhaps the most naked figure is also the least representational. Looming large, dynamic, and active, it engages its companions playfully. Various symbols interject into the otherwise naturalistic scene, most notably a beach ball and two contaminated barrels nested in the sand. The upright barrel reads "FukuShima" in Kanji. The barrel laying down reads "Dharma". To the left the scene is boundaried by caution tape, reiterating the danger of the nuclear waste while also hosting alien archetypes, whose presence, as is the nature of these entities, runs up and just behind the consciousness of the psychedelic figure's eggshell-like skull. The painting glows aquamarine in the water and stars, and green in various other areas when lights are dimmed, glazed with a stable strontium compound; truly engaging to view in partial darkness.


Cody Seekins
Current Residence: Maryland/Kansas/Thailand
Favourite genre of music: No particular; lately listening to lots of Indian classical, Persian, and Electric Ambient streams
Personal Quote: Wisdom is a strategy of perception.
I have gotten professional photographs made of some of my newer works and now available for print through both Threyda… and Redbubble…

There has been demand for print options outside of deviantart and so I make those available to you.  Redbubble in particular will have the widest selection of my works.  Threyda's quality of large prints is very good however, so check both out I'm sure you can find something right for you.

Thanks everyone for the continuously positive vibe and spiritual support.
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